5 Things to Pay Attention to When Buying Mini Fridge for Your Dorm

A mini-fridge is one of those essentials that every college dorm should have, but it’s not always easy to find the right one. If you’re struggling to pick a mini-fridge that works for your dorm, our brief guide will help you make the right choice.

Perfect Size

Size is the first factor you should pay attention to because your dorm room space will be extremely limited. Pick a place where you’re going to put your mini-fridge, properly measure it, and make sure that the model you’re buying fits right in.

Capacity & Storage

Capacity is another important factor you should consider. It’s important to pick a mini-fridge with enough storage space and make sure its shelves and compartments are organized efficiently.

Freezer Or No Freezer?

Some mini-fridges come with a built-in freezer, and you should know in advance if you want yours to have this feature.


Even the smallest noise can disrupt you and your roommate in a tiny college dorm, so make sure the fridge you’re buying has a low decibel noise level for quiet operation.

Price & Warranty

Your budget will be pretty limited during your college years, so it’s best to opt for an affordable and functional model that comes with a good warranty policy.

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