5 Tips For Creating Study-Friendly Dorm Of Your Dreams

You’ll spend most of your time at college in your dorm, so it’s important to make it your peaceful oasis. Your dorm should be as study-friendly as possible because you’ll spend countless hours here preparing for your classes and exams, and these useful tips will help you create a space where you can get stuff done.

Comfy Furniture

Studying for long periods of time isn’t easy when your desk and chair aren’t comfortable, so consider investing in an ergonomically designed study chair with proper lumbar support.

Clean & Neat

It’s easy to get distracted when your dorm is messy, so put an effort into keeping it neat and organized so you can focus on studying instead of spending extra time to clean it up.

Good Lighting

Good lighting will make your study sessions more productive, so make sure to put your desk next to a window and buy a quality desk lamp for long-night study sessions.

Roommate Agreements

Having a good relationship with your roommate will make it easier to study in the dorm. Set some study rules as soon as you move in and establish boundaries and quiet hours.

Noise Management

Even if your roommate isn’t making the noise, you might still have to deal with the sounds from the corridors, elevators, and common areas if they’re located close to your rooms, so consider investing in noise-canceling headphones.

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