5 Tips for Planning Amazing Day Trips While Studying Abroad

Studying abroad allows you to explore new places and cultures, but it’s tough to set aside enough time and money for a full vacation. Luckily, you can always explore your host country by embarking on short day trips, and our brief guide will help you plan a perfect one.

Weekend Trips

Weekends are usually the best time to embark on day trips because they’ll be the only free days you have at your disposal, so make sure to put them to some good use.

Early Start

To spend more time at your day trip destination, it’s important to head there early and beat the crowds, so make sure to hit the road while the day is still young.

Transportation Options

If you’re embarking on a day trip on your own, public transportation is usually the best and cheapest option. If you have friends who are willing to join, consider renting a car and sharing expenses.

Planning Ahead

When it comes to day trips, it’s a good idea to do your research and have a loose itinerary before hitting the road because your time will be extremely limited.

Local Tours

In case you’re studying in a pretty touristy area, it’s likely you can also find guided tours taking you to your destination of choice.

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