5 Ways to Make Sure Your Dorm Room Always Smells Nice

Like all small rooms, your dorm can get pretty smelly pretty fast, but there are ways to stop bad odors from lingering. If you’re not sure how to keep the air in your room fresh and clean, these five useful tips will get you there.

Let Some Air In

The easiest way to keep the bad smells out is pretty obvious—try to open the windows every morning, at least for a few minutes, to let the fresh air in and the bad air out.

Air Freshener/Diffuser

An air freshener or air diffuser is one of the must-have dorm room items, and it will play an important role in keeping your dorm room smelling nice.

Changing Your Sheets

Since the room in your dorm is pretty limited, you’ll be spending a lot of time in your bed, so make sure to wash your sheets and bedding regularly because dirt and sweat will build up over time.

Trash Bag Tricks

Your trash can is probably the main source of bad smells in your dorm, so make sure to empty it out regularly and consider using scented trash bags to minimize bad odors.

Regular Clean-Up

Changing your sheets and taking out your trash isn’t all it takes to keep your dorm clean. Make sure to clean up your room regularly, ideally once a week, especially if you have a habit of making food in the dorm.

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