5 Ways to Save Money on Movie Tickets

You’ll find yourself giving up many of your hobbies during your college years, due to the lack of time and money. If going to the movies happens to be one of them, there’s no need to sacrifice this hobby because there are many ways to buy movie tickets for cheap.

Loyalty Cards and Programs

Many theater chains offer loyalty programs to frequent patrons, awarding them discounted tickets. Warehouse clubs such as Costco and Sam’s Club also offer discounted movie tickets to cardholders.

Student Discounts

Many theatres also offer student discounts, so do some research to find out if you could save a few bucks by bringing your student card along.

Perfect Timing

The time when you’re going to the movies can also make a difference. Prices tend to be lower during off-peak hours, while some theatres offer cheaper prices on certain days, usually Tuesdays.

Skip Premium Format

3D and IMAX showings usually come with a higher price tag. Try to avoid these premium formats to save some money and go for 2D showings instead, especially if the movie in question isn’t worth seeing in 3D.

Food Bonanza

Food and drinks and movie theatres are ridiculously overpriced so consider eating beforehand or sneaking your own snacks if the theatre where you’re going doesn’t strictly forbid bringing your own food.

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