Adele is Thinking of Pursuing a Degree—And Here’s What She Wants to Study!

Adele is one of those celebrities who’ve been in the spotlight since their late teens and she never got a chance to pursue a college degree. That might change soon because she’s planning to swap the stage for studies, but can you guess which subject she wants to pursue?

Adele is currently busy with her long-awaited Las Vegas residency, but she told fans during a recent Q&A session that she wants to study English once the residency is over.

“After Vegas, I want to get a degree in English Literature. If I hadn’t made it singing, I think I would be an English Lit teacher. I definitely think I use my passion for English lit in what I do. I wish I’d gone to university and had that experience, but I will do it online with a tutor,” said Adele.

It will take a while for the Grammy-winning singer to start pursuing her academic passions. It’s her plan to get the qualification in 2025, and she’s opting for online classes like most celebrities going down this path.

This isn’t the first time Adele discussed her love for English Lit. She had an emotional reunion with her old English teacher Ms. McDonald at her comeback concert last year and praised her for being cool, engaging, and making her students care.

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