Advice for Choosing a Project for an Assessment

There are loads of different options for assessments these days. Whether it’s a written essay, a lab report, or a presentation, you can demonstrate your knowledge and ability to apply it within your chosen field of study. Usually, throughout a course, students will have several occasions where they have to choose a project for their assessment. Here is some helpful advice to keep in mind for these times. 

Choose a Topic You Feel Confident In

This sounds obvious, but it can be so tempting in these situations to choose a topic that sounds most impressive or interesting. This will only serve you so well if you also have a good understanding of this area, and if you don’t then you will struggle to produce a high-quality piece of work. 

Think About Your Strengths

If you’re leaning towards an essay, but know that your spoken communication serves you better than written then it would be wise to consider a presentation of some kind. Think about what you’re particularly good at, and use it to your advantage. You want to have the best chance of portraying your thoughts and ideas. 

Choose Something You’ll Enjoy

While taking into account the above two points, having some enjoyment in the project is something to prioritize. Not only will it help massively when it comes to finding the motivation to work, but your interest and passion will show up in the end result. 

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