Affordable Gym Equipment That Fits in Your Dorm

Working out at the college dorm isn’t an easy task, and adding actual equipment to the mix is even harder. Gym machines such as a treadmill and exercise bike are definitely out of the equation, but there are some smaller and more affordable pieces of equipment that you can easily make room for.

Yoga Mat

A yoga mat isn’t necessarily small, but having one is a must if you’re planning to do workouts at your dorm because they provide cushioning and traction that you need while exercising.

Exercise Bands

It’s pretty much impossible to think of a piece of gym equipment that takes up less space than exercise bands. They’re pretty cheap and small, and you can use them to add some resistance to your workouts.


If you don’t want to abandon strength training during your college years, consider investing in a tiny set of dumbbells that will easily fit into your dorm.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is one of the cheapest pieces of gym equipment that can give you an epic-full body workout. You won’t struggle to find room for it in your dorm, but actual jumping is a different story so only buy it if you have a designed space where you could do it.

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