Amazing Benefits of Learning a Local Language While Studying Abroad

Learning a local language when studying abroad is not a must if you can attend classes in English, but it still comes in handy. Language learning may feel like a burden when you’re constantly busy with your regular studies, but there are a few reasons why you should give it a shot.

Expanding Your Horizons

The old French proverb goes, “A man who knows two languages is worth two men,” and you should definitely take these words to heart. Studying abroad is the best time to expand your horizons and learn a new language, especially since you can interact with the locals and use it in real time.

Making Daily Life Easier

Speaking of interacting with the locals, knowing a local language will make your life in a foreign country much easier. Even if you can use your native language in class, you might struggle to interact with people outside of the classroom, and learning the basics of the local language will make things much easier.

Meeting New People

Knowing the local language will open up many doors for you and significantly expand your social circle. Instead of just hanging out with your uni friends, you’ll get to meet new people in your language class, mingle with friendly locals, and spark amazing conversations with many people you wouldn’t have met otherwise.

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