Apple Create Safe Driving App in New iOS 11

Texting and Driving have been one of the number one causes of car accidents and deaths. Due to this common issue, Apple has decided to add new features in iOS 11 including a “Do Not Disturb While Driving” app. This app will limit your phone’s function when connected to a moving car though Bluetooth or a data cable.

Users will of course have the choice to enable the app if they would like to when they are driving, in fact it will be pretty easy to do so. iPhone owners can definitely just lie to their phone and say you aren’t driving in order to gain full access to all of your information. The good attribute about this app is that while it is turned on, all of your notifications will be muted and anyone who tries to reach you, will be notified automatically that you are driving. Apple maps will still be able to fully function while it is set in driving-mode as well as other navigation apps. However, inputting a destination while in motion might be a bit tricky. Apple Car Play as well will be fully compatible with the driving-mode so you’re good to go.

This is a great way to move forward in trying to stop the distractions in order to obtain a better and safer environment when on the road.

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