Best Decor to Spruce Up Your Dorm Room

Are you growing tired of your current dorm room setup? Well, you can shake things up a bit by bringing some new decor into the mix. Here are some of the best decor ideas to spruce up your dorm room.

Urban Outfitters Comfy Chair

Draped in faux fur, this chair will be sure to modernize any corner of your dorm room. What’s more, this chair is a rocker, making it the perfect piece to finish a good book in or simply sit in during a stimulating conversation with friends.

Glow Lighting Desk Lamp

One simple way to shake things up a bit is by switching out your old desk lamp for this striking, gold lamp that is impossible to ignore. In addition to being useful during those long evening study sessions, this elegant desk lamp will bring some sophistication to your room.

Urban Outfitters Comfortable Bedding

Getting new bedding can make a big difference in improving your comfort and helping you get better sleep. What’s more, this Urban Outfitters sheets’ polyester and cotton blend makes them silky smooth and light to the touch. Of course, their shiny finish makes them even more striking to the eye while adding a hint of elegance to your dorm room.

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