Best Destinations for Exchange Students

When choosing a destination for studying abroad, the best option is always Europe. What is the best destination though? We have collected the most successful ones among former students to help you out choosing!

Italy is by far the first one. Amazing food, lots of art and history, not to mention really hot people!

What we recommend is to take a little Italian class before just to get by because not everyone speaks English there and to live on gelatos! Another good destination could be Spain. It is a lively place, full of young people with a very laid back vibe. There are lots of amazing landscapes and good food to try, a bit less if you are vegetarian! In that case, we are not sure that would be the best place for you! It would be a chance to learn Spanish and to have some fun the Latin way! A big plus is that they serve Sangria everywhere! Another option could be England. For some reason, students seem to love it there. It could be the big bar culture, the really good night clubs or the vibe of the country. Or simply, it could be that you don’t need to make any effort with the language there, accent aside.

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