When it comes to your classes the two most important things you can do are 1. read the syllabus and 2. keep organized. The syllabus will help you know what and when all your assignments, quizzes, and tests are, while a planner will help you keep it all organized. 

When buying a planner it is important to consider if you plan on carrying it around or leaving it at your desk, if you prefer a horizontal or vertical layout and, most importantly, is the planner really able to meet your needs and organizational process. 



The Passion Planner

The Amazon reviews on this planner are off-the-charts awesome with a rating 4.5+ stars. Not only does this planner help you keep your day-to-day organized, but it also helps you plan for the future. The Passion Planner encourages you to set both long-term and short-term goals, asks monthly reflection questions, and even includes quotes to keep you inspired. The planner also includes a “Space of Infinite Possibility” for any extra notes or doodles you might have.  This product started off as a Kickstarter project but this $35 planner has now gained a serious following – it’s definitely worth checking out!



Erin Condren Life Planner

This planner is for the style-minded student. With a beautiful hardcover and ribbon bookmark, this planner is definitely easy on the eyes. There are two different size options for this planner – 5×8 and 8×10. The planner has a horizontal weekly layout as well as a horizontal monthly layout.This planner also includes a mix of lined, blank and grid, pages for whatever your organizational needs might be. Like the Passion Planner, this planner also includes inspirational quotes. 



The Panda Planner

The Panda Planner is something special. It has all the basics of all the other planners on this list, with daily, weekly, and monthly sections. But what sets this planner apart is its sincere focus on happiness, motivation, and productivity. This planner offers a space to write what you are grateful for and positive affirmations to make you feel like the boss you are.When you buy this planner you also get access to several ebooks and a video-course on productivity which is a major bonus. 



Five Star Student Planner

Five Star brand is a student favorite for notebooks, so why not keep it simple and go with their planner as well? This simple planner is split by week, and since it is an academic planner it starts in August and ends in July of the next year. The monthly tabs will help you move quickly to the exact day you want, so if you’re planning spring break or your next big test it won’t be a big deal. Basically, this no-frills planner gets the job done.

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