Best Ways to Ensure You’re Eating Fresh Foods as a College Student

Your diet will probably suffer once you become a college student, and eating fresh foods will seem like a mission impossible – but it doesn’t have to be. Here are several tips and tricks that will help you eat fresh and nutritious foods as a busy college student.  

Dorm Essentials

To ensure you’re eating fresh food on a regular basis, there are certain cooking appliances that you’ll need to have in your dorm. A mini-fridge is a must because it will help you keep your foods fresh, but you should also consider buying a blender and a toaster oven or microwave.

Grocery Shopping

Even if you have all the kitchen essentials in your dorm, it’s impossible to prepare fresh food without fresh ingredients. Hit the local farmer’s market once a week to buy fresh fruit and veggies and stock up on pantry staples such as rice and canned foods.

Dining Hall Choice

If you’re regularly eating at a campus dining hall, try to pick the healthiest and freshest foods possible. Became a regular at a salad bar and make sure to pack your plate with a variety of fresh and tasty fruits and veggies.

Off-Campus Eateries

If eating fresh foods on campus seems like a mission impossible, at least put an effort into eating healthy when you’re off campus. Take your time to explore local eateries and discover the ones that offer fresh and healthy options.

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