Campus Universities vs City Universities: Which is for You?

Universities come in all shapes and sizes. As well as choosing the right course for yourself, it’s important to consider the setup of the university itself and whether you’ll be happy and at home there. A basic thing to think about is whether the university is based solely on a campus, or whether it’s spread out in various buildings across a city or town. Here are some points to consider. 

Campus Unis Are Convinient

It’s ideal when you’re dashing from seminars and lectures to have everything close by in the same area. It also makes meeting friends between classes way more practical.

City Unis Are Interesting

While more time-consuming, getting to wander around streets and areas of your city in between lessons is a lot more visually stimulating than staying within the same small area. 

Campus Unis Are Social

There’s something very special about being on a campus surrounded by other students. You’ll find it way easier to make friends and to get involved in the social scene. You get a unique sense of community with your fellow students on campus. 

City Unis Are Realistic

As special as that student community can feel, it’s so unlike real life. Sometimes people begin to find it slightly isolating, and when it comes to the end of studying it will be easier to transition to normal life from a city university.

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