Celebrities That are Killing it in College

Think that all celebrities do is sit in trailers and studios reading lines all day long? Think again. Check out these stars who are hitting the books, too.

1. Dakota Fanning, Gallatin School at New York University.

This Bridge to Terabithia star is currently a senior pursuing “individualized study”, a program part of the interdisciplinary college at NYU.


2. Miranda Cosgrove, University of Southern California.

Teen queen of shows like Drake and Josh and iCarly, Cosgrove took a break from acting in 2012 to pursue her education and “get the real college experience”. She is studying film.


3. Jack Gleason, Trinity College in Dublin.

Gleeson captured the attention of Game of Thrones fans in his role as King Joffrey Baratheon, but now has spoken of plans to retire and potentially pursue a career in academia. He is currently studying philosophy and theology.


4. Yara Shahidi, Harvard University.

Known for her role in Blackish, Shahidi attends Harvard University and is majoring in African-American studies and sociology. Fun fact, she had a recommendation letter from former First Lady, Michelle Obama.


5. Lourdes Leon, University of Michigan.

Madonna’s daughter is following in her footsteps and attending a school in Michigan where her mother had attended on a dance scholarship. She is studying in the school’s music, theatre and dance program.

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