How Much Are College Application Fees?

College is costly and the expenses begin to add up before you even enroll. For example application fees.


Application Fees

These are nonrefundable and tend to range from $25 to $90 each. The College Board’s recommendation is to apply to 5 to 8 different schools, which can cost $200 to $300+ in addition to the costs of sending transcripts and/or taking and sending test results.

Application fees are usually listed on the school’s website under ‘Admissions’, along with the other application requirements.

How Much Are College Application Fees?

Additional Costs:

Often overlooked, costs that are incurred in addition to application fees can consist of:

  • the sending of high school transcripts Some schools don’t charge for this, but others do, and the fee can vary from school to school.
  • the sending of standardized test records You only get 4 free SAT score reports; any additional cost $11.25 a piece.
  • the sending of additional materials These can include stuff like art & design schools or programs that may require work samples or portfolios, such as paintings, drawings, DVDs, etc…

How Much Are College Application Fees?

Three ways to Keep Costs Down

  1. by only applying to schools you’re very interested in going to Out of these schools, only apply to the ones that are most likely to accept you.
  2. by looking into fee waivers Many schools will waive application fees for prospective students whose families qualify for financial assistance.
  3. by applying online Some colleges offer reduced or even free application fees for prospective students who apply via the school website.


Important Expense Consideration

In conclusion, when applying for college, don’t overlook the expenses that go along with the process because they can add up very quickly. Take actions to keep the total cost within a reasonable amount for your personal budget.

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