College Bucket List: 6 Must-Do Experiences Before Graduation

College isn’t just about lectures and exams. Well, that’s part of it, sure. But it’s also about making memories that will last a lifetime. Check out these six must-do experiences to spice up your college journey!

Crash a Random Lecture

Sneak into a random lecture on campus just for kicks. You might learn something cool, or you might just have a hilarious story to tell later.

Create a Viral TikTok

Gather your squad and brainstorm ideas for a TikTok that’ll blow up. Whether it’s a dance challenge or a comedy skit, aim for viral and watch the likes roll in.

Start a Campus Trend

Be a trendsetter on campus by starting your own trend. Whether it’s a fashion statement, a catchphrase, or a new hangout spot, leave your mark on campus culture.

Host a DIY Film Festival

Grab some popcorn and host a DIY film festival in your dorm room. Pick a theme, curate a lineup of cult classics, and invite your friends for a cozy movie night in.

Take a Spontaneous Road Trip

Pack your bags, hop in the car, and go on a spontaneous adventure with your besties. No plans, no destination—just you and the open road.

Study Abroad

Expand your horizons with a life-changing study abroad experience. Whether it’s a semester in Paris or a year in Barcelona, this is one item on the college list you don’t want to miss.

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