College Is The Best Time To Learn When To Talk and When Not To

There are many instances in life where the limits to your anger management are pushed.  Whether you are dealing with an extremely rude customer, a mean person, or someone who is downright insulting towards you, sometimes it is a better option to hold your tongue instead of feeding into a conflict that may result in a physical fight or emotional struggle.

Sometimes it is harder to control your anger when you are dealing with a situation where you feel as if your verbal attacker has absolutely zero validity in what they are saying.

College Is The Best Time To Learn When To Talk and When Not To

For example, if a set of friends have been best friends together for a very long time, most likely, this set of friends will know the ins and outs of the other’s personality. Therefore, when one of these friends lashes out unnecessarily and becomes an attacker, the other friend will have to make a conscious decision on whether or not they want to defend themselves and risk ruining the friendship by attacking back or whether they decide that defending themselves isn’t worth losing a very long friendship over. With both cases, a conflict between friends or even strangers offers a variety of challenges.

For those who choose to hold their tongue in these potentially volatile situations, it shows a sense of maturity that the other person in the conflict does not possess.

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