College Struggles: Then and Now

We’re used to the world of Tinder; phones that have calculators, clocks, and the weather programmed into them; and computers that do almost everything; but when our parents were in college they had things quite differently than we do. Here’s some examples

  1. They had to do complicated math problems on very simple calculators
  2. They had to bring a giant tape recorder to record a class
  3. They had to take notes BY. HAND. (gasp!)
  4. They had to actually check out books from the library
  5. They had to operate an alarm clock and remember to set it
  6. They had to use dreaded land lines
  7. They had to go all the way to an arcade if they wanted to play video games or a video store if they wanted to watch a movie
  8. They also had to take photos on actual film… ew

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