College Students Rescue Elderly Man From Fire

The younger generation of 20 something year olds often receive a lot of slack from the older members of society. You hear of stories of how technology causes laziness and how all of these young adults are too entitles and expect everything in life to be handed to them. Recently, however, a group of 6 Rutgers University- Camden students proved the labels of entitlement, selfishness, and laziness to be false.

One evening, two students, Vanessa Solis- Palma and Tammy Meneses were headed home from an outing with their friends. On their way home, they smelled smoke. Alarmed, the called the four other students who they were previously hanging out with and rushed towards the smell of the flames. Once they pinpointed where the smoke was coming from, they saw a duplex that was being engulfed in flames.

They all rushed up to see if anyone was inside and tried their best to knock on and windows or doors that hadn’t been already touched by the flames. Without any concern for their own safety, Matteo Rosevic and another student broke down the front door, rushed up the stairs, and woke up an elderly, 90 year old man who was asleep and unaware on the third floor. The two brave students carried the man to safety. Once outside of the house, the elderly man asked if his son had made it out.

Again, the students returned to the house to see if they could find the man’s 62 year old son. Unfortunately, he was not found until after the ordeal and was discovered to have passed away. These courageous students truly put the lives of those around them above their own, and for that, should be considered modern day heroes.

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