Cool Classes You Can Take To Make Yourself Stand Out

When senior year arrives and you and all of your peers are struggling to create resumes that showcase your qualifications, it can be hard to stand out from a crowd. Different agencies, grad schools, and companies receive thousands of applications for their open positions. And odds are, many of your fellow students have very similar experiences and backgrounds to you.

This can make it difficult when trying to portray yourself as someone with something special to offer the job or school that you are applying to. If you are not yet a senior and still have a few semesters left until you need to worry about your resume, there are some easy ways that you can learn some pretty cool skills while also getting much-needed class credit.

Cool Classes You Can Take To Make Yourself Stand Out

Take a class that is extremely out of the box. Taking an African drumming class, women’s studies course, or even a language course other than French, Spanish, or Italian can give you some really cool points to talk about with a potential future employer. You could also take a graphic design or art course, even if you aren’t necessarily artistically inclined.

Taking a graphic design course, in particular, will allow you to learn the Adobe Suite, which is a really cool skill to have, no matter what type of job you are pursuing. Knowing how to use the Adobe suite will allow you to be a pro at photoshop and flyer creation, which will make you an asset in a company where no one else knows those skilled.

You can also take an introductory finance or accounting course to better your own personal understanding of the economy of the workforce you will be entering in a few short years.

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