Couple Gets Engaged in front of a Tornado

Alex Bartholomew had always been a Tornado chaser. So he had a fantastic idea for a proposal with his girlfriend Brittany Fox.

Bartholomew usually chases storms and Tornados, so when he thought of a memorable proposal this is what came to his mind. He had the engagement ring in his pocket for a few months, but he was waiting for the right moment or better, for the right storm.

 “I thought it would be kind of cool to combine the two best things in my life,” he said. “I really wanted it to go like this. I really wanted to propose in front of a tornado to combine the two loves of my life.” 

Each year, the storm chaser takes a few weeks off to chase storms. He usually goes with his friends but this year, his girlfriend decided to join him too. This year, they were not only lucky enough to find a Tornado, but they also ended up getting engaged. He proposed with a huge storm and tornado on their backs and took memorable pictures. For a second, he was able to combine his biggest passion with the love of his life. How romantic! 

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