Creative Date Nights Are Pinterest’s No. 1 Dating Trend to Try in 2023

If you spend countless hours scrolling through Pinterest every week, you’ll be happy to hear this photo-sharing platform unveiled its list of top trends for 2023. When it comes to dating trends, creative date nights will be going stronger than ever, and here are some of the most popular options among Pinterest users.

Picnic Dates

Picnics experienced somewhat of a re-emergence in recent years, as people try to spend more time surrounded by nature. This sounds like a perfect idea for a romantic date, and it’s certainly much more memorable than grabbing dinner or going to the movies.

Aquarium Date

One of the most unexpected creative date ideas to make it to Pinterest’s list, aquarium dates are a great pick if you or your date are interested in aquatic life.

Museum Date

If you’re looking for a creative idea for the first date, a night at a museum could be a good fit. Just pick a subject that both you and your date are interested in, from art and history to natural science and technology, and you’ll most likely spend hours talking.

Bookshop Date

Bookshop dates are a good alternative for museum dates if reading happens to be your favorite obsession. It comes in handy that many bookstores have their own café where you can have a classic date.

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