Did “The Idea of You” Star Nicholas Galitzine Go To College?

Nicholas Galitzine is one of Hollywood’s biggest rising stars right now, and we’ve most recently seen him star in The Idea of You opposite Anne Hathaway. He’s doing a great job making a name for himself as an actor, but did he ever get a chance to be a college student?

Galitzine was born and raised in Hammersmith, London, and he spent some of his formative childhood years at Dulwich College. This isn’t a traditional college but a private boarding school for boys, which puts a special accent on students with exceptional athletic abilities.

Going to Dulwich made sense for Galitzine at the time because he was gifted at rugby and football, in addition to participating in county-level athletics competitions. An interview with Backstage described him as “a social chameleon who connected with a variety of cliques – the gamers, the artsy kids, the jocks – but he wasn’t a permanent fixture of any group” during his school years.

Galitzine left his athletic dreams behind when he twisted his knee before an athletics competition at 17, and it didn’t take him long to discover acting. His rise to prominence started with roles in Cinderella and Purple Hearts, and we’ve recently seen him star in the hit teen comedy Bottoms, and lead the rom-com Red, White & Royal Blue and historical drama Mary & George.

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