Do These Toxic Traits in Housemates Sound Familiar to You?

Living in student housing can be a blast and create many happy memories. At times, however, there are traits that housemates can have that are problematic. Here are three toxic traits that you need to look out for in your housemates, and in yourself.

Not Washing Up Your Stuff

Washing up is a regular point of tension in many student houses. Arguments can arise over whose washing up it is, especially if it is left over several days. One way to mitigate this tension is to ensure that everyone washes up their dishes on the same day that they cooked. This way, you can avoid washing up and creating confusion and arguments.

Not Taking the Bins Out

Taking the bins out is a weekly job that can often end up becoming the burden of the same housemates each week, whilst the rest of the flat never remembers. This could be because some housemates are always working on bin night or just plain forgetfulness. If you haven’t taken the bins out for a while, maybe it’s time to take a turn. If you can’t for work reasons, perhaps offer to do the hoovering or something instead.

Playing Music Too Loudly

There can be a lot of variety in sleeping patterns in a student house, so if you are someone who likes to play music through speakers in the early morning or late at night, consider how it might affect your housemates.

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