Dorm Essentials

Starting college can begin as a very new and unpredictable lifestyle for someone, so make sure to have all of these dorm essentials to help ease the transition into the best four years of your life.



  Alarm Clock Helps you to wake up for those early morning classes you’ve been dreading.
  Bed Linens Sheets, pillowcases, comforters, and plows! You probably will want to have at least two sets, so when you do laundry you have something to sleep on. Make sure you check your dorm bed size, too.
  Mattress Pad Very easy and cheap way to make your dorm room mattress much more comfortable.
  Clothes Hangers With very limited drawer space, many students rely on plenty of hangers to squeeze all of their clothes into the closet.
  Clothing Make your style known, but make sure not to overpack – dorms usually don’t have a ton of storage.
  Power Strip Allows you to have multiple appliances plugged in at once. Outlets can be scarce in dorm rooms.
  Computer While many colleges will have computers for use on campus, bringing your own is much more convenient when completing class assignments.
  Desk Lamp When your roommate is sleeping but you have a lot of studying to do, a desk lamp is perfect for those late nights.
  Laundry Basket Creates an easy way for you to haul your laundry up and down the stairs to the laundry room.
  Headphones Helps you to block any noise in your dorm room your roommate may be making.
  Storage Boxes A great way to reduce any clutter in an already small and crowded area.
  Bedside Caddy A super convenient way to keep small things close to the bed at night, so you can grab them without having to keep up.
  Decorations Bring some personal items such as pictures or artwork to add a little bit of your personal style to the boring walls of the dorm room.



  Snacks Sometimes the dining hall is just a little too far for your liking.
  Disposable Cutlery and Dishes Becomes an easy way to have snacks in your dorm room without having to continuously washing your dishes after every meal.
  Microwave The easiest, safest, and most useful kitchen appliance to bring a microwave.


  Bath Linens Bringing two sets of bath towels, washcloths, etc is smart when one pair of linens is in the dirty laundry pile.
  Flip Flops A necessity when walking to the community bathroom.
  Bathrobe A comfy way to walk around the dorms
  Shower Caddy Creates an easy and spacious way to carry your shower supplies to and from the bathroom.



  Medications Make sure to have enough of your prescribed medications to last you until you go home for your next refill or find a pharmacy near or on campus to refill at school.
  Important Documents Make sure to have a copy of any important documents, such as your driver’s license, birth certificate, and social security number if you decide to look for a job or in case of emergency.


Don’t be afraid to splurge on some of these items, most likely you’ll reuse some of them throughout the years. Although you most likely won’t be living in a dorm room for your whole college career, many of these items will remain relevant to you when you move from place to place. 


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