The Dorm Room Essentials You Might’ve Forgotten

We all know the obvious essentials that you will need for your dorm room. But what some don’t know are the little tricks that help to make your year in the dorm run so much smoother. Here are some very essential items that you will largely benefit from going into your first year of college:

Shower Caddy & Shoes

Odds are you’ll be dealing with community bathrooms, so shower caddies make it a super easy way to carry your shower supplies to the bathroom.  They have many compartments to where you can supply your toiletries. Plus, they are quick to dry so they don’t drip all over your door room floor.                                        

Extension Cord & Power Strip

Most of the appliances found throughout a household will most likely be found in your small dorm room, such as a refrigerator, microwave, TV, etc. Make sure to have a power strip with multiple outlets on move in day so you can plug in all your appliances. Also, having an extension cord is a good idea for those of you with lofted beds. It allows you to be able to plug in items such as your phone charger or lamp light that attaches to your bed.                    

Makeup Organizer

Most dorms rooms are limited with very little desk space, so do everything you can to find ways to organize your clutter. Make up can become very messy and littered everywhere, so having a makeup organizer is a really good way to keep your desk clean and all of your makeup in one spot.

Mattress Pad

A mattress pad is a very easy and cheap way to make your dorm room mattress much more comfortable. A comfortable bed is a college necessity for a good night’s rest and also helps it to feel more like home, which can be relaxing for some people during this overwhelming period in their lives.

Bedside Caddy

This caddy is a super convenient way for people to keep small things close to them while in bed, such as your phone, a book, headphones, etc. It prevents you from having to get out of your lofted bed at night to put something away or risking it falling off your bed throughout the night. 

Disposable Cutlery & Dishes

Although it is much cheaper to buy a few plastic dishes and cutlery rather than purchasing packages of paper ware, the paper ware is much less of a hassle as well as time consuming. It is easier to throw away rather than having to wash your dishes in the community bathroom every time.

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