Dunkin Donuts and Oreos Are Making A Very Delicious Baby

Dunkin Donuts and Oreo (or to be more precise, Nabisco) have teamed up to create the best combo ever – a Dunkin Donuts Mocha Oreo. A special limited edition, the new cookie will be a Dunkin Donut coffee cookie, so an all in one treat to end all treats.

Apart from the wrapper we haven’t really gotten much detail as to this dreamy cookie, but what we can tell you is that the white filling on the regular Oreo (which we’re still unsure as to whether the flavor is white or vanilla!) will be replaced with Dunkin Donuts’ signature mocha flavor. This means that the newest Oreo on the block will also be a source of caffeine. So it can be your one stop shop to wake you up in the morning. No more coffee and Danish – from now on your caffeine cravings can be satisfied through your daily intake of Oreos.
As for the cookie itself, well if the wrapper is anything to go by, the cookie is going to be one amazing new treat. And it will save us all money. A two for the price of one treat. An all in caffeine and sugar fix.

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