Fun Ideas for Matching Tattoos With Your College Friends 

College is a classic time for people to get into tattoos. You have enough independence to make your own choice and will likely have plenty of meaningful ideas or interesting images that you’d like someone to turn into some permanent art for your body. It’s also a fun time to think about a group tattoo idea with friends, and this matching ink will remind you all of this exciting time in your lives. If your friendship group wants to arrange this, then here are some fun ideas to get you started.

A Symbol from the College

This could be anything from a sports team’s mascot to an iconic image relating to the local town or city. Having this tattoo that is specific to your college life will help it feel extra special and unique.

Your Flat or House Number

If the group of friends you want the matching tattoo with are your housemates then it can be a lovely but super simple concept to have the flat or house number as a tattoo or even the street name. 

Food or Drink You Often Share

Maybe it’s a weekly tradition to order pizza together, or you always meet for an iced coffee at the weekends. A fun little image to represent this will not only look super cute but also remind you of those shared moments.

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