Girl Dinner is TikTok’s Latest Obsession, Should You Give It a Try?

From hot chocolate bombs to baked feta pasta, TikTok has given us countless amazing food trends over the years, and “girl dinner” is the next one. What exactly is the deal with this emerging trend, and should you try it or give it a pass?

The term “girl dinner” simply refers to arranging random foods and snacks into a meal when you can’t be bothered to do much else. It’s been compared to charcuterie boards since the ingredients are pretty much the same, but “girl dinner” is much less aesthetically pleasing and more low-maintenance.

Olivia Maher, who coined this term and put it on the map, explained that she doesn’t feel like putting too much effort into her dinner during her solo nights inside because she lives alone—and that’s how she came up with the idea for this trend.

“More pots and pans equate to more dishes to clean, and I don’t really need to impress anyone with my fancy cooking skills. I think that many women are collectively acknowledging that easy, low-effort dinners like cheese plates and snacky items are a way to decompress after a long day,” she told Insider.

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The definition of “girl dinner” is pretty broad, and everyone can include ingredients of their choosing, from cheese and salami to fruits, veggies, and nuts. At this core, this trend is cozy and comforting, as long as you don’t pay too much attention to what other people are eating and just have fun with your favorite comfort foods.


This girl dinner is also known as ✨hot girl plate✨

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