Going to Grad School May Seem Scary – But Everything Will be Okay

College is known to be the best four years of your life. As students approach their senior year and start applying to different graduate programs or jobs, it can honestly be a little overwhelming. Over the last four years, you have become so accustomed to your college’s campus, the atmosphere of the surrounding city, and have developed a tight social circle filled with friendships that will last a lifetime.

Coming to terms with the fact that college will be over before you know it can be extremely scary. This is especially true for students who are applying to graduate programs. But it is important to note that while a drastic change, everything will be okay.

For many students applying to post-undergrad educational programs, they find it hard to deal with the fact that it seems like they will need to start over. Everyone technically has to start fresh after they graduate, but for those who are opting for graduate school, they feel as if they have to start over and are daunted with the fact that the next four years of schooling will most likely be very different than their undergraduate years.

Going to Grad School May Seem Scary - But Everything Will be Okay

For example, people who are planning to attend a four-year-long post-undergraduate program are faced with the weirdness of knowing that they have the same amount of time that they ultimately spent in undergrad ahead of them.

However, everything and everyone they will encounter will be a completely new experience, and they won’t have the familiarity of their undergrad friends and location. Even for those attending graduate programs at the same schools where they were previously enrolled for their undergraduate degree, many of their friends will have moved to different cities and it may, therefore, seem lonely for the prospective graduate students.

And while this may be a scary thought, it is important to recognize that all experiences post graduation are meaningful and even if you are nervous about spending four or so more years pursuing a graduate program, everything will work out. You will find your place, you will find new friends, and you will be able to grow professionally and educationally.

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