Guide to Surviving Your First Year in College

For many of us, college represents the first time that we’ll truly be self-reliant, leaving the comfort of our childhood homes as we embark on a personal journey. Of course, academics, health, and our social life are all important, making college quite daunting at first. Here is your guide to making your first year in college a little easier.

Attend Orientation

From broader university orientations for all first-years to specific meetups for students in certain faculties and student tours, make sure to attend each orientation event you are invited to. This will greatly boost your familiarity with your campus while also providing you an opportunity to get acquainted with your classmates.

Walk Around

From your residence to the lecture halls, make sure to explore your campus as much as possible and visit each location more than once. This will help you become familiar with your surroundings. By doing this before the semester starts, you can avoid getting lost once classes begin.

Get Acquainted

Because there are so many students, your lecturers and faculty staff are unlikely to know you personally. Make sure to engage with your student advisors and lecturers in order to become familiar with them. After all, you never know when you may need some help.

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