Helpful Computer Courses You Can Take For Free Right Now

Computer literacy has silently become just as important as regular literacy. It’s become such a ubiquitous skill that it would be difficult to even do a job search without knowing how to access the internet. Luckily, you can find various online computer courses for free.

Internet Proficiency
Perhaps the most important skill to have these days is knowing how to confidently and safely traverse the internet. The Internet Basics online course helps you acquire these skills for free. GCF Learn Free designed their course in an intuitive easy-to-follow tutorial that even newbies can use it right away. 

For more advanced users, WebPage Authoring by Sofia Open Content Initiative helps students pack their ideas by teaching them how to use HTML to create a webpage to showcase their ideas.


Basic Office Applications
Perhaps one of the most recognizable programs on computers right now are the basic productivity apps made by Microsoft. They offer the most intuitive ways to write up documents and prepare presentations. Microsoft Word is the most widely used word processing app in the world and Learn That has made an impressively immersive tutorial on how to use it. For presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint is king and the training videos from BrightCarbon are truly one of the best for knowing the ins and outs of the application. 


Perhaps you’re a budding student of photography and you have all the knowledge about getting the best shot. However, you’re still going to have to some processing on the computer so tutorials such as Adobe KnowHow may just become your best friend when you finally want to go the extra mile by post-processing and editing your snaps.


Be aware and prepared for anything when you either purchase online or sell your goods through the internet by taking An Introduction to E-commerce and Distributed Applications from Open Learn.


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