Here are Some Tips for Going Through Sorority Recruitment

Everyone thinks that they know everything about sororities when they first get to school. Freshmen girls think that there is nothing you can tell them that they won’t already know when it comes to getting a bid to the best house and the overall sorority experience. We’re here to tell you that that’s simply not true and we are going to share things with you that we wish we knew about sorority recruitment going in.


1) Don’t worry if your top house doesn’t pick you

Although it is obviously natural to think you did something wrong and regret that time that you accidentally cursed during philanthropy round, because like, that’s obviously why your top house dropped you. Realistically, it’s probably not because of anything you did and you shouldn’t get so worked up about it. We know this advice sounds cheesy but everything happens for a reason and if a house didn’t see that you fit there, odds are, you may not have actually fit in there in the end.

2) Don’t get caught up on image

It is so easy to think you know what every house on campus is life because you did intense Facebook and Instagram stalking over winter break. Realistically, the girls in your favorite houses are just as nervous about getting a good new pledge class as you are and they’re probably embellishing their social media pictures a lot too. Sorority girls know exactly what everyone is looking for when they stalk social media pix, so the content you see may not actually show you what a chapter is really like.


3) Be yourself

If you act like who you think they want you to act two things can go wrong. 1) The girls in the house of your dreams may be able to tell that you’re obviously putting on a show, which is a huge turn off. 2) Your acting skills may actually be really good and you do get a bid to the house of your dreams. We know you’re wondering- why is option #2 a bad thing? Well, because if girls only give you a bid because of who you are pretending to be, you will either be unhappy in the house or the girls will be unhappy with you.


Other than these three major tips, remember to bring snacks and comfortable walking shoes and most importantly- have fun!

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