Here’s Why You Should be Celebrating Flatmate’s Day

Have you ever heard of Flatmate’s Day? It’s a totally non-made-up day, marked on March 24th each year since its inception in 2016. Legend has it that someone out there decided it was time to give a big shout-out to their flatmate, and that’s how it started. To properly honor this day, let’s explore the concept of college roomies, who serve as your home away from home.

Reasons to Be Grateful for Your Roomies

While living with roommates can be challenging, they often evolve into lifelong friends, sharing the highs and lows that college throws our way. They also offer invaluable support and camaraderie, whether it’s navigating exams, heartbreaks, or homesickness. With our roommates by our side, every day is a chance for adventure, laughter, and meeting new people.

How to Celebrate Flatmate’s Day

If you’re ready to toast to your roommates, here are some great ways to do it:

Gratitude Gathering: Whip up a feast or order in, and gather round the table to share stories, laughter, and gratitude for the bond you share.

Movie Night: Dim the lights, pop the popcorn, and watch your favorite movies for a cozy night in with your roommates.

Game On: Break out the board games or fire up the console and have a night of friendly competition.

Creative Collage: Print out your favorite pics with your roommates and create a DIY collage to decorate your space and remind you of some epic moments.

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