Here’s Why You Should Join a Yoga Class

While studying, there will likely be many hobbies and activities that you’d like to try in your free time. Often colleges offer many extracurricular classes which may be better value while still offering first-rate teaching. Yoga is a popular choice for a hobby but it can be hard to teach yourself. Here are some reasons to join a yoga class.

Excellent Exercise

While it may seem slow and gentle a lot of the time, many yoga poses use a considerable amount of muscles and therefore are a great way to exercise the whole body. After a little while you will likely notice improved core and other muscle strength.

Great for Flexibility

As well as strengthening the muscles, yoga is known to improve flexibility. This is super beneficial for a range of reasons, including injury prevention and recovery. 

A Relaxing and Mindful Activity

Student life can be tough, so making time each week to switch off the mind and enjoy some peace and quiet is ideal. Yoga is ideal to tap into a mindful headspace and can be combined with meditation.

Lovely Way to Meet People

Like with most exercise classes, there will be plenty of opportunities to chat with your fellow classmates and even arrange to hang out in between classes. Having a shared interest in yoga will give you an easy conversation starter. 

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