How Humidifiers Improve Your Health

Ever thought about owning a humidifier but not sure if there’s any benefit to them? Well, there are certainly more benefits than you would think! First off, and probably the most important one, humidifiers improve your sleep.

Sleeping with humidifiers helps keep our mouths and throats moist, which decreases the likelihood of snoring throughout the night. So if you have a partner or know anyone with a significant other that snores, a humidifier would be the best bet to get rid of that annoying habit! Secondly, using your humidifier throughout the day and at night reduces the risk of infections.

Viruses and bacteria have trouble traveling in moist air, which means owning a humidifier is your best option to get through the flu season. If you have a problem with dry or dulled skin, picking up a humidifier gives you the benefit of softer skin. Cold dry air takes away the moisture from your skin, which increases flaking and accelerates the aging of your skin.

From reviewing these few options, obtaining a humidifier in the winter is the best thing you can do for your health!

How Humidifiers Improve Your Health

However, there are certain things you have to do to keep up with your humidifier. You must clean it at least once a week to avoid the risk of bacteria builds up. Also, your best water choice is distilled or demineralized water. Regular tap water has minerals that build up in humidifiers that block air from escaping. Using these water choices keep you from having to clean it multiple times a week.

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