How Much Social Media Is Too Much In College?

These days, smartphones and social media have become a regular part of everyday life. Still, just because they are popular does not mean that they are necessarily good for you. Here are the pros and cons of social media and how much you should be using it in college.

The Upside

From photos to videos and messages, social media enables you to remain connected to your family and friends back home. Your college may also have social media pages that announce interesting events across campus, keeping you in the know. Ultimately, it’s an effective portal of communication.

The Downside

Firstly, because it can be so fun, social media can become distracting, getting in the way of your studies. Of course, online bullying remains a major issue, meaning you need to be careful online. Also important to remember is that whatever you post will remain on the internet, so remember to think things through before posting.

The Verdict

Ultimately, social media can be a force for good when used in the correct way. Still, it can be used in excess, distracting you from your studies in the process. Make sure to monitor your usage and exact discipline when doing so. For example, consider only using social media at specific times of the day and for a limited time, sticking to this schedule.

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