You’re Probably Not Washing Your Sheets Enough

When going to school and not having your mom there to wash your sheets for you every week, you may be wondering exactly how long is an acceptable amount to go about washing your bedding, sheets, and pillows.

Well, as often as you are able to wash them, you should.

Germs spread like wildfire throughout college campuses and keeping a clean and fresh bed is one way to stay a little ahead of the game in terms of being healthy. However, if you go for about 3-4 weeks without washing your sheets, it is acceptable to a point. If you shower before you get into bed every single night, this 3-4 week period of not washing sheets is understandable.

Youre Probably Not Washing Your Sheets Enough

However, if you are someone who tends to crawl into bed after a sweaty night out on the town, have a lot of sleepovers, or eat in your bed, you should probably wash them at least every two weeks, and maybe even before two weeks, depending on the level of cleanliness you desire.

Washing your sheets often may feel like a terrible chore, but it is definitely an amazing feeling to come home from classes, take a nice shower, and just plop into your clean and nicely made bed.

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