How to Combat the Millennial Stigma

As millennial, older generations tend to look down on you.  Common stigmas that they associate with people in the millennial generation are that millennials are selfish, high maintenance, expect too much, lazy, and solely reliant on technology in order to communicate with people.

However, these stigmas are not necessarily accurate.  In every single generation, there are people with a variety of characteristics. Lazy and selfish people exist in people that are 21, 34, and 75.  However, older generations may just not understand how some of the stigmas that they have of millennials are actually positive.

How to Combat the Millennial Stigma

For example, millennials aren’t necessarily too expectant.  They have just grown up in a society where it is more possible than ever to reach your goals and strive for greatness. Millennials aren’t necessarily lazy, but may just prioritize social interactions, travel, and leisure time more than older generations. Millennials may not necessarily rely on technology for social interaction but may be networking on their phones to create connections that will eventually lead to real life relationships.

The stigma of being a millennial is extremely prevalent in society and many people in older generations have not to shame in constantly pointing out these character flaws that they have preconceived about millennials. However, when they tell millennials that they are the most selfish and unappreciative generation there is, maybe they are forgetting that millennials are also the most socially progressive and influential generation as well.

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