How To Deal With Noise At Night

If you’re house sharing or renting next to fellow students, the chances are that every now and again (or perhaps several times a week) there will be noisy nights, with people listening to music, sitting up chatting, or deciding that 11:30pm is the perfect time to dry their hair. Even if you can generally handle these noises, if you’re about to head into exams period you might be stressing about getting enough sleep. Check out these tips on how to handle annoying noises at night.

White Noise

Some people find white noise incredibly soothing, and it can help to drown out any other sounds coming from your house or flat at night. There are several apps or playlists available which will fade out after a few hours, or simply press play on some continuous white noise and enjoy it for the rest of the night. Just remember, some people can find this type of noise annoying, so make sure your volume is at a sensible level!

Try Some Ear Plugs

If the noises are really getting to you, try some foam style ear plugs to blot out the noise. Gently roll each ear plug between your fingers before inserting into your ear. Do be aware that wearing these every night can lead to irritation inside your ear, and some people find them so uncomfortable they can’t keep them in the entire night.

Talk To Your Neighbors

If you’ve tried white noise and ear plugs and your sleep is still suffering, you’re going to have to face facts and try and talk to your housemates or neighbors. As ever with these kinds of conversations, don’t go in aggressively, simply explain factually what it is that’s keeping you awake at night and see if you can come to an agreement around noise levels after a certain time. If the noise-maker really isn’t budging, it may be time to seek external help, such as from the pastoral leads in your dorm or building.

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