How to Deal With Period Cramps During Your Exams and Classes

Periods often feel uncomfortable and painful, and things can get especially rough if you’re in the middle of the exam season. Studying, going to classes, and doing your exams will feel like a living nightmare, but you can always make it a little bit better with these useful tips.

Pain Relief

There are many ways to relieve your period cramps, from using heating pads and pain relievers to doing some stretches to relax your muscles. If your symptoms are extreme and the pain remains unbearable, make sure to visit a doctor to get to the bottom of this problem.

Be Prepared

If you have exams and classes during your periods, it’s always good to go there prepared. Always make sure to pack extra pads and tampons, and consider wearing dark, comfy clothing, in case you need to deal with any accidental leakages.

Food & Drinks

We all tend to reach for unhealthy treats during that time of the month, but they can only lead to extra bloating. That’s why it’s the best idea to stick to healthy snacks that aren’t too salty or sweet and drink a lot of water and herbal teas to help you reduce bloating and relieve inflammation.

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