How to Make Time For Your Hobbies While Studying Abroad

Between attending your classes, studying, adjusting to a new culture, and making friends, you’ll have a lot on your plate while studying abroad. You’ll often wonder where your hobbies fit into all of these, and our brief guide is here to help you make time for them.

Social Activities

One of the easiest ways to make time for your hobbies is to mix them up with your social activities. Kill two birds with one stone by befriending people who have similar interests, whether it’s hiking and biking or painting and playing board games.

Better Time Management

If you could simply rely on motivation when exploring your hobbies before, keep in mind this won’t always be an option when studying abroad. You’ll have to get better with time management and set some time aside for your hobbies so you wouldn’t give them up altogether. Put them in your schedule if you must because it’s the best way to keep yourself accountable.

Short & Sweet

You don’t always have to have several free hours on your hands to engage in your hobbies. It’s possible to put even those short 20-30 breaks to some good use and engage in some low-maintenance hobbies, such as reading, drawing, and learning a new language.

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