How To Set A Healthy Study Routine

When you’re at university or college, you may find that your motivation to study comes in waves. Some weeks, you’re absolutely on it and getting every assignment done on time—but then other weeks, you’re barely thinking about your course and spending way too much time in the student bar, hanging out with your friends. As with most things in life, striking a healthy study balance is essential in terms of success. Check out these tips on establishing a study routine that works for you, so you can have enough time to get every assignment done and socialize, too.

Create A Timetable

For many people, being able to visualize their week or day can really help them block out time to study. It can also serve as a good reminder that the studying has to get done, otherwise it will take away from time you’ve set aside for more fun, fulfilling things. Whether you create a study timetable on your phone or use an old fashioned calendar that you hang up in your room, being able to see your week and the time you’ve set aside for studying is sure to help.

Find A Space And Stick With It

All too often, our study routine gets interrupted because the space we’re in isn’t conducive to focusing. Do you tend to meet your mates in the cafe where you say you’re going to ‘work’? Or, do you like to study at home and then find yourself distracted by your phone five minutes in? Whether it’s in a study room on campus, a seat in the library or a secluded spot in your favorite cafe, finding a space to work in – and making sure you go there at your allotted study time every day – is one good way to set up a healthy routine.

Find A Study Buddy

It can be a good idea to team up with someone on your course, so that the two of you can share study tips and ideas. Whilst you want to avoid your study sessions becoming social time, having someone else to bounce ideas off, share essay woes and share exam tips can be a good motivator.

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