How to Stay in Touch With Friends From Home When You’re Studying Away

For many people, moving to college represents the first step into adult independence. Suddenly, you’re no longer living in your family home, but in a dorm with a bunch of strangers. This is a really exciting time, and loads of students enjoy getting to know a whole new friendship group. However, we mustn’t neglect longstanding friendships with people back home. Check out these simple and fun ways to stay in touch, even when you’re studying away.

Pen Friends

It may sound dated, but writing letters to one or two of your closest pals from back home is a fun and cute way to update each other on your lives. Receiving and sending letters is exciting, given how rare they are these days, and you can personalize your message with illustrations, stickers or even a few photos if you can print them out. The novelty of writing letters means you’re more likely to keep up the habit, rather than relying on the odds WhatsApp message every now and again.

A Photo A Day

If writing letters sounds like it’s going to take up too much time, why not agree to send a photo a day? Whether it’s to one close friend or a WhatsApp group of your besties, sending a snap of your coffee and cake, your study book or the nice view from your dorm window can be a quick and easy way of staying in touch. Even if you’re not exchanging words, a photo a day can help your reunion feel more natural as you will have a sense of what everyone has been up to since you saw each other last.

Voice Notes

No one wants to receive a super long voice note, but leaving one that’s under five minutes gives your friends a chance to hear your voice and your news, at a time that suits them. Phone calls are all well and good, but sometimes coordinating a convenient time for everyone is too much hassle. Why not send your group or best pal a voice note as you walk towards your first lecture of the day, so that you can feel positive about staying in contact even as you enjoy college life?

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