How To Survive The Cold Days At Campus

When it is cold outside, and nothing can keep you warm, and all you have on your mind is some comforting hot soup or a good hot bath you need a new friend for the winter – let us introduce to you the wrap coat.

This jacket is basically a warm, fuzzy robe you are allowed to wear in public. What could be better?! The wrap style accentuates the waist and allows for the size to be adjusted for any winter weight gain (thanks, holiday parties!). You can either use the matching belt that comes with the coat or switch it out for a funky, statement belt of your choice.

While you will find it chicer than the standard puffy coats you will find in any of the chain stores nowadays, it is as effective as any of them. Wrap coats oversized and cozy like their North Face cousins, but unlike the puffy coat, it’s possible actually to look good wearing them. Now if you have to wake up early, take your Chihuahua out on your routine morning walk, your best friend on a chill winter morning will be the wrap coat (and not the little Lucy), it is easy to put on, even before the morning coffee has kicked in, and if accidently the new hot neighbor just happen to see you walking his Cocker Spaniels you will still look as cool as can be without abandoning your position.

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