How to Work Better in Group Projects

While exams and essays are core components of your university studies, you may occasionally find yourself in a group project, where you’ll have to use your people skills to collaborate and get a good grade. Here are some tips to help you perform your group project as well as possible.

Hold an Opening Meeting

Once your group project is announced and you are allocated a group, organize a meeting whereby you’ll introduce yourselves. This will enable you to become familiar with one another and perhaps even form a bond. By becoming friendly with one another, collaborating becomes easier.

Clarify Roles

Appointing a leader at your first meeting is essential. In addition to overseeing the project’s progress, the leader will also need to resolve conflicts and problems among group members. Once a leader is appointed, he or she can start allocating responsibilities to each member, giving them a clear understanding of their roles in the project.

Set a Clear Action Plan

Once everyone knows their role, it’s time to determine the goal of the project. Still, you can’t achieve your goal if you don’t have a roadmap of how to get there. That’s why it’s crucial that you and your group draw up a clear action plan, detailing the steps you need to take to achieve your project goals.

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