Ideas for Cheap Vacations with Friends

It’s such a great feeling when you’ve been working hard all year, putting in hours at the library and completing assessment after assessment, to then have all of summer break to enjoy. And what’s even better is your college friends will all be in the same boat. But so often summer plans are dictated by finances, and as students you may well be strapped for cash. Here are some ideas for fun summer vacations with friends that won’t cost the earth.


Camping is the perfect option for a cheap group trip. It will cost you so much less than staying in a hotel or rented apartment, and you can all enjoy the laid-back life of being in tune with nature. Sitting around a campfire in the evening and watching the stars is the ideal way to celebrate having some freedom. To make the most of it, choose a campsite near a beach so you can relax and soak in the sun.

A Hostel in Europe

You of course have to factor in getting there, but looking in advance can often bring up cheap flights. Hostels themselves are super affordable and a great place to stay with friends. Many parts of Europe also offer amazing value on delicious food and drinks, so you can live the good life while sticking to your budget.

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