​​If You Don’t Have Time for a Workout, Buy a Bike

Sometimes life can feel like a whirlwind of deadlines, social commitments, and the ever-present struggle for enough sleep. And fitting in a workout often feels like trying to squeeze another class into your already jam-packed schedule. But before you lose hope, consider this: your next gym membership might be hiding in plain sight—and it comes with two wheels.

Forget the Treadmill Trap

The gym can be intimidating, expensive, and let’s be honest, sometimes just plain boring. Between the crowded weight rooms and questionable locker room vibes, it’s no wonder motivation dwindles faster than your bank account after finals week.

Embrace the Bike Life

Enter the glorious world of cycling. Bikes offer a flexible, affordable, and seriously fun way to get your sweat on, no matter your fitness level or schedule.

The Perks of Pedaling

One of the greatest advantages of cycling is its efficiency. Biking can easily be integrated into your daily routine without requiring additional time set aside for working out. Commuting to class, work, or errands by bike kills two birds with one stone, allowing you to get where you need to go while simultaneously getting your workout in. Plus, cycling is an excellent stress reliever so you’ll get the mental health benefits as well. 

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